Wild Coast Casino to Mtentu River Lodge (Inland Route) (+-35km)

The ride will kick off at the Wild Coast Casino. From there we will head inland and transverse cattle tracks and walking trails making short pit stops to take photos and cool off in natural pools along the way. When we reach Nyameni Falls we make a group stop to enjoy a relaxing breakfast or if you prefer to keep moving you can take a short walk to the local caves which were the residence of strandlopers back when they were travelling up and down this coastline. After breakfast we have a short distance of district road and climb to our highest point of the day before we turn off and head downward on an exhilarating ride to the coast through the dunes of the Red Sand Desert “Xolobeni Sands”. We then have a beach crossing where you can view the remains of an old ship wreck – a reminder of how harsh the ocean can be off this coast. From the beach there is only one way we can go and that is to climb up to the Pink Tavern, where some icy cold coke / beers are served. Then it’s one final decent to your weekend accommodation at Mtentu River Lodge.

Day Off @ Mtentu River Lodge

This is a day to yourselves to do with what you wish. If you would like to explore the area we have a few suggestions for you…

  • You can go on a guided cycle through Mkambathi nature reserve (on the south side of Mtentu River) which is such a magic spot. Enjoy cycling passed zebra, wildebeest & eland while viewing dolphins on the ocean’s horizon, visiting a number of easily accessible waterfalls (and a couple that are a bit more off the beaten track)
  • Canoeing up the Mtentu river estuary with the option of hiking to a crystal clear pool in the shadow of a majestic waterfall towering above (a real treat!)

Mtentu River Lodge to Wild Coast Casino (Beach Route) (+-40km)

The ride back to Wild Coast Casino varies from tour to tour as it is very dependent on the tides. So the return trip will either be along the unspoilt beach of Xolbeni (red desert) sands or back along the inland route. We do however vary the inland route from that which you came in on so you experience different landscapes and views. If you specifically want a beach ride as part of your tour please enquire regarding tides prior to booking.

The beach route – the day starts with a climb up to the Pink Tavern to have a last coke / beer before hitting the beach. For those of you who have not had an opportunity of cycling on a beach before you in for a great experience! Should you be fortunate enough to have a tail wind you are going to fly across the hard packed sand however if you will be fortunate to get a head wind as well as you will get to enjoy the extra time on the beach and the views that go with it. Although it is hard not to race along the sand it is a fair distance and you will work the entire time so we take it slowly, conserve energy and just enjoy the beauty of the experience – lapping waves, unspoilt estuaries and deserted beaches.

Once we arrive at Wild Coast Casino Resort we will make our way to the Old Pont where you can have a shower and spoil yourself to a beer and meal from their restaurant overlooking the Umtumvuna River.

Rates (2Night/3Day)

Maximum number – 10 people (for single group / club bookings can accommodate up to 24 people).

We only use one guide for this trip unless more than 8 people are riding. This trip can be done as a 1 night, 2 day trip for the stronger riders looking for a quick adventure. A support vehicle is not required on this trip if you prefer to carry an overnight bag (please discuss with us if you interested in this option at a discounted rate)

Min. 4 Pax
R2,450 p.p without backup
R2,950 p.p with backup

Min. 8 Pax
R2,100 p.p without backup
R2,550 p.p with backup

Addtional T&C’s

Mtentu River Lodge bookings are subject to the accommodation’s own set of T&C’s and cancellations may be subject to their deposit return policies.

Read Ts&Cs


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