Day 1 (+-55km)

Wild Coast to Mtentu (Mtb Inland Route)

The ride will kick off at the Wild Coast Casino. From there we will head inland and transverse cattle tracks and walking trails making short pit stops to take photos and cool off in natural pools along the way.

When we reach Nyameni Falls we make a group stop to enjoy a relaxing breakfast or if you prefer to keep moving you can take a short walk to the local caves which were the residence of strandlopers back when they were traveling up and down this coastline. After breakfast, we have a short distance of district road and climb to our highest point of the day before we turn off and head downward on an exhilarating ride to the coast through the dunes of the Red Sand Desert “Xolobeni Sands”. We then have a beach crossing where you can view the remains of an old shipwreck – a reminder of how harsh the ocean can be off this coast.

From the beach, there is only one way we can go and that is to climb up to the Pink Tavern, where we can stop for a quick cold drink before descending to Mtentu.

Mtentu to Msikaba

You have a quick stop at Mtentu for a cold drink whilst we organise your entry permits to the Mkambati Nature Reserve on the southern banks of the river. Depending on the tides we either get our feet wet and wade across the river or paddle across in canoes. Mkambati Nature Reserve is one of South Africa’s lesser known treasures and you may be fortunate enough to see zebra, hartebeest, eland, baboon and a host of other animals and bird life.

We ride along the game paths to Horseshoe Falls where we stop to have an early lunch whilst sitting perched at the top of the gorge above the falls having panoramic views all the way down to the ocean. Once fully refueled, we head on to cross the Msikaba River and then the last haul to the top of Msikaba Hill before we descending on our last piece of single track for the day to our accommodation at Vonnie’s Rest.


Day 2 (+- 40km)

Vonnie’s Rest to Waterfall Bluff (Mtb Inland Route)

We start this day with a ride up to the vulture colony viewing deck where you will get to see one of the largest breeding colonies of Cape Vultures soaring above and below the gorge of Msikaba. A breathtaking sight!

We then head down some track to Lapatana where you decide if you would prefer to hike the last 3km to Waterfall Bluff or if you would like to test your mountain biking skills on some rockier terrain. As you round the final corner to Waterfall Bluff for the first time will be blown away by its beauty – no photo of this landmark will ever do this place justice.

Standing below the falls in a small bay carved out of the rock or enjoying lunch under the cliffs with the view of the falls in the background – this will be an experience you will always remember. Here we will have a bite to eat before we move on.

Waterfall Bluff to Vonnie’s Rest (Mtb Coastal Route)

Once at Luphuthana we deviate from the inland route and head along the coast on cattle and jeep tracks to Goss Point, where there is a relatively small river crossing, and then some more unbelievable trails to Port Governor. Here you will get to see what is left of an elaborate scheme to tunnel under the ocean floor to access treasure that was lost in a Grosvenor shipwreck. The last stretch passes Kilroe beach and Khotsa cottage and then a short haul back to our home at Vonnie’s Rest to relax the tired legs.


Day 3

Day Off @ Vonnie’s Rest, Msikaba

Applicable for the 4 day / 3 night option at an extra cost of R770 per person.

We highly recommend you take the extra day if you can as although the distances of this tour are not extensive your legs and buttocks will thank you for a break! It also gives you the opportunity to explore the area, off your bike.

  • You can take a walk along the coast to visit the Msikaba beach island (bring your snorkeling gear!)
  • Grab a canoe and head up the Msikaba River estuary – towering cliffs with diverse plant life clinging to its sides creates a vertical forest, a truly mesmerizing sight
  • Or just spend the day relaxation on the beach!


Day 4 (+-45km)

Msikaba to Mtentu

We follow the coastal route from Msikaba, through Mkambati Nature Reserve back to Mtentu.

Mtentu to Wild Coast Casino (Mtb Beach Route)

The ride back to Wild Coast Casino varies from tour to tour as it is very dependent on the tides. So the return trip will either be along the unspoiled beach of Xolbeni (red desert) sands or back along the inland route. We do however vary the inland route from that which you came in on so you experience different landscapes and views. If you specifically want a beach ride as part of your tour please enquire regarding tides prior to booking.

The beach route – the day starts with a climb up to the Pink Tavern to have a last coke / beer before hitting the beach. For those of you who have not had an opportunity of cycling on a beach before you in for a great experience! Should you be fortunate enough to have a tail wind you are going to fly across the hard packed sand however if you will be fortunate to get a head wind as well as you will get to enjoy the extra time on the beach and the views that go with it. Although it is hard not to race along the sand it is a fair distance and you will work the entire time so we take it slowly, conserve energy and just enjoy the beauty of the experience – lapping waves, unspoiled estuaries and deserted beaches.

Once we arrive at Wild Coast Casino you will be ferried across the border from Eastern Cape to KZN ending the tour at The Pont where you can have a swim in the river & a hot shower.


The price indicated for the Kei Trail Seeker is based on 8 people. Please inquire on costs for smaller groups.

For mixed groups, a Maximum number of 12 people will be accommodated unless agreed upon by other riders (for single group bookings we can accommodate up to 24 people, please enquire for more details)

If you are interested in this tour option but can’t make up the minimum number of people required in order for this tour to run don’t be put off, just let us know how many people you have in your group and we will do our best to fill the open positions with other like-minded mountain bikers.

Rates (2Night/3Day)

Based on 8 Pax
R3,350 p.p with backup (Add Night/Day – R770-00)

(Enquire about our group discounts)


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