Kei Transverse

Start _ Kei Mouth / Finsh _ Port Edward

9 Days Riding  / 9 Nights Accommodation

Trail Guides / Vehicle Support & Seconding

All meals

Excluded : Hotel and guest house beverages, Transfers to Start and Finish, possible accommodation requirements after ride, medical and evacuation insurance. Additional accommodation requirements & transfers can be arranged by Singletrack Adventures

Day 1 _ Transfer to Kei Mouth

Highlights & Info

  • A few beers at Neptune’s Cove bar which overlooks the beach

  • Meet and greet each other around a braai

  • General meeting & Daily Briefing

Day 2 _ Kei Mouth to Qora Mouth

Distance 55km – 900m Ascent – Ride time 6hrs – Total time 7hrs

Highlights & Info

  • Pont Ride at Sunrise over the Great Kei River a great start to the 9 days ahead

  • Nongqawuse Pool

  • First Taste of beach riding

  • KwaGcaleka Forest Trail

  • Kob Inn Hotel Comforts

Day 3 _ Kob Inn to Bashee River

Distance 40km – 500m Ascent – Ride time 4.5hrs – Total time 6hrs

Highlights & Info

  • Some of the best cattle and goat single track trails

  • Long Beach Rides

  • Dwesa Reserve Forest and Indigenous Forest

  • Bahsee crossing on Kayaks

  • Haven Hotel Hospitality

Day 4 _ Bashee River to Mpame

Distance 30km – 600m Ascent – Ride time 4hrs – Total time 6hrs

Highlights & Info

  • First 10km will take us deep through the Cebe Indigenous Forest with its towering trees.

  • The beautiful Xhora Mouth (a challenging crossing)

  • A swim at Mpame beach after a short fun days riding

  • Bulls Inn Seafood banquet

Day 5 _ Mpame to uMdumbi

Distance 35km – 950m Ascent – Ride time 5hrs – Total time 7hrs

Highlights & Info

  • The coastline changes dramatically & the riding becomes more challenging with some testing climbs.

  • A swim at the ionic wild coast landmark Hole in the Wall

  • Cycling above the dramatic cliffs of coffee bay

  • Little hole in the wall

  • A afternoon walk on uMdumbi Beach

Day 6 _ uMdumbi to iMpande

Distance 35km – 900m Ascent – Ride time 5hrs – Total time 7hrs

Highlights & Info

  • Hluleka Wildlife Reserve

  • Mgazana to Mgazi beach ride

  • Dylan’s gourmet pizzas at Kraal Eco Lodge

Day 7 _ iMpande to Port St Johns

Distance 40km – 1250m Ascent – Ride time 5hrs – Total time 7hrs

Highlights & Info

  • This is possibly the most populated area we will be riding through with lots of small friendly villages along today’s route.

  • Singletrack decent from Silaka Nature Reserve into Port St Johns

  • Although we like the more remote accommodation Port St Johns is the biggest Eastern Cape coastal town set on the Banks or the Umzimvubu between cliff faces on both the South and North is beautiful and it is a worthwhile experience.

  • A braai (bbq) and beer on the banks of the Umzimvubu River

Day 8 _ Port St Johns to Mbotyi

Distance 45km – 1500m Ascent – Ride time 6hrs – Total time 8hrs

Highlights & Info

  • Definitely the toughest day with some big portages, testing climbs and some notable river crossings. But with difficulty comes experiences and its generally these days we remember above others and are the stories we tell when we get back home.

  • Although no notable landmarks the landscape is dramatic and is one of the most scenic days.

  • Eastern Cape hospitality at its best at Pumla’s Place and Destiny Cottage.

  • Wholesome traditional dinner cooked by our host.

Day 9 _ Mbotyi to Msikaba

Distance 35km – 600m Ascent – Ride time 4.5hrs – Total time 6hrs

Highlights & Info

  • The most dramatic scenery day with some tough sections but some very rewarding riding and scenery.

  • With 2 major landmarks Waterfall Bluff and Cathedral Rock, and then some many other less known land marks this is a day is one of the more special occasions.

  • Luphuthana when the waves are large creates big explosions of spray that can be felt hundreds of meters away from the coast line

  • Vonnie’s Rest set on the banks of a small river, is a idealistic last stop before our last day.

  • Sundowners at at the local waterfall or a hike up the river valley.

Day 10 _ Msikaba to Port Edward

Distance 60km – 1200m Ascent – Ride time 6hrs – Total time 7hrs

Highlights & Info

  • Mkambati Wildlife Preserve

  • A number of amazing waterfalls today (Horseshoe, Strandloper & Mkambati Falls)

  • Two significant river crossings of Msikaba and Mtentu

  • Depending of the tides we will work out if its a coastal route from Mtentu or inland route.

  • Inland has some of the best cattle tracks and passes some friendly homesteads.