Who Are We?

clint gareth transkei

Meet Clint & Gareth, the founders of Singletrack Adventures. 6 years ago with 5 mates and back packs on our backs we set off on our first Wild Coast adventure that surpassed all expectations, an adventure that year after year kept us going back for more. Our love for mountain biking and the Transkei ignited a desire to share our knowledge and experiences with others, so every year more & more people joined in and on seeing how much enthusiasm ensued it was a gradual desire to create Singletrack Adventures to connect with likeminded mountain bikers ready to take on a trip of a lifetime!

We believe in a very hands on approach so you will be dealing directly with us from the moment you contact us for information to the time you book your tour and join us in riding one of the adventures we have on offer. After each day in the saddle we look forward to sitting around the fire with you sharing stories of your Pondo Kei Singletrack Adventures experience.

With our passion and enthusiasm for our sport and the outdoors and our knowledge of the area we can assure you that we will make your trip an unforgettable one that will keep you coming back for more.